Billy J. Cobos


                                                    Billy J. Cobos





           Message from the Principal

Every year brings new challenges, new initiatives, and new beginnings.  It is these certainties, and how we navigate through such that determines our level of success.  Here at Gonzalez Elementary, thanks to its wonderful faculty and staff, we will continue to traverse through these unordinary times to ensure that we have another successful school year.  Our goal of producing accomplished students, respectful sons and daughters, and productive members of society, continues to be our hymn!  To all our parents, thank you for letting us serve you!


                                                                      Administrative Team

Kimberly L. Hopkins                                          " Serving in Education is a blessing resulting in the fruits of my labor as eternal gifts!" -Kimberly Hopkins                          Assistant Principal                                                                                                            



Acacia Ameel                                                         “There is nothing impossible to him who will try” - Alexander The Great     

Assistant Principal                         


Ninfa Zavala                                                                  "Learning is a treasure which accompanies its owner everywhere." -Chinese Proverb                        

Dean of Instruction                                                                                           3rd Grade Thought